Important Notes For Using .HTML Manuals

Important notes:

First and foremost, these .HTML manuals are what the manufacturers are going to. I did not design them and I do not prefer them. I would glady replace any .HTML manual on this site with a .PDF manual if that manual existed.


Now onto using the .HTML manuals:

I compressed the download file that contains all of the .HTML files using Windows 7. You should be able to extract it using Windows XP or 7. I do not know how it's done on a Mac.

After extracting the file, you should install the SVGView app even though you technically shouldn't have to.

I have not been able to get the manual to work using anything other than Internet Explorer.

Open the "index" file with Internet Explorer and you should get to the cover page.

There's a link that says "click on the picture or link below to access the manual." Once you click on the picture or link, you are taken to a blank page with the Chrysler/Jeep logo.

From there, you need to select the year and make from drop-down menus.

Going from one section to another requires you to click on "Service Repair Information" each time. (I didn't design the manual but this works)

There are some security settings that should be changed as described in "HTML Manual Notes."

There is the possibility that the download did become corrupt while downloading. If after going through everything described above, it may not be a bad idea to download the file again and go through the steps again.

If you are still having issues using the file, there is an issue that needs to be addressed on your computer. Contact your local IT Professional or Computer Repair provider.

Due to the nature of digital downloads, .PDF or .HTML, refunds are not available. I will work hard to make sure you get the manual you need.