Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to common questions that others like you have had about purchasing, downloading, and viewing manuals purchased through JeepFSM.com. If you still need assistance or your question has not been addressed, you may contact customer service.


Question 1: I purchased a manual and downloaded the .PDF file. When opening it, every page is blank. What's going on?

Answer 1: If you have a .pdf writer and you try to edit it and save it. That creates a blank .pdf file.

Answer 2: If you try to open the .pdf file and it's not finished downloading. If it doesn't error out, it will open up and be blank until the download is complete.

Answer 3: The most common reason is just a matter of downloading and installing the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. Manuals compiled by PacCoast and some other sellers are compiled to only be viewed by Adobe Reader X which is the latest Adobe Reader. If you do not have it or if you are unsure, it is available at Adobe.com for free.


Question 2: I purchased a manual, but it won't download. Says I need an updated version of Acrobat. But when I check Acrobat it tells me there are no updates. How can I get this service manual downloaded to my computer?

Answer: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader X to view and print most manual. It sounds like you are running an older version of Reader and there may be no updates for that version. However, you still still need to upgrade to the newest version of Adobe Reader.


Question 3: After I entered my payment information, the screen went blank and I was not prompted to download. What happened?

Answer 1: Check your email to make sure the purchase was completed. If the purchase was completed, you will receive an email from the seller with download instructions. If you did not receive an email, the payment process did not complete.

Answer 2: When paying with a credit card, your credit card processing company could hold up the process by not authorizing the payment right away. If the payment is not authorized immediately, you will not be able to download the manual immediately. Once the credit card purchase is verified through our processing company, you will receive an email with download instructions from the seller.


Question 4: Is purchasing a downloadable manual safe and secure?

Answer: Absolutely. The eCommerce portion of this site is built primarily on the PayPal platform. Paypal uses the latest anti-fraud technology and will never share your financial information.


Question 5: I need a manual and I can't find it on your site. Can you help me?

Answer: Possibly. In many cases, I already have the manual or another seller does. I may just not have the page up yet. If you ask and I have the manual, it could be available within the hour. In some cases, the manual isn't available in a .PDF format. In any case, just ask and I will do my best to find your manual.


Question 6: I purchased an .HTML manual. I downloaded it but I cannot open it or use it. Can you email me the manual?

Answer: Please refer to the .HTML Notes page of this site. The HTML manuals are more tricky than the .PDF manuals. They are large and contain mutliple files. I am not able to email the manual.


Question 7: What's your refund policy?

Answer: Due to the nature of digital goods, there are no refunds. Sales are final. If there is a discrepency with your manual, please contact customer service.